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A shining light

The resource center helps recovering addicts who are reentering the community after leaving treatment centers, being released from jails and prisons, or in any way they come to recovery. Many are homeless and have nowhere to turn.

2501 W Market St.

Our center located at 2501 W Market St. is in the heart of the Louisville community it serves.

We strive to connect our participants to the resources necessary for successful re-entry to full and productive lives.

Thousands of Participants

We have worked with thousands of individuals in their recovery and their loved ones since opening our doors. Hundreds of recovering individuals attend twelve step meetings every week. Over the past three months we have placed over 150 newly recovered individuals in good jobs, with health benefits and opportunities for growth. Counseling for re-entry to education including loan reactivation, GED, certificate and higher education programs is available and serves several clients each week.

Weekly Meetings

AA, CA, NA, GA meetings every week. See our calendar for the next meetings.

500+ Jobs Filled

925 people have visited the Center for employment and over 500 people have been placed in jobs through our employer partnerships. These individuals are paid $11-$22 per hour. Only six of the applicants did not pass the drug screen. We have also placed people in the fashion industry, building maintenance, and independent flooring contractor positions. We provide transportation options tailored to the employers locations for which employees pay the cost.

Self Sustaining

We strive to be self-sustaining through support from our own contributors for the twelve step portion of our operations. Support for other programs comes from charitable donations of goods and services, and payments from our service providers.

How We Do It

KYRRC's Re-Entry Point is a one-stop shop to assist men and women starting their journey on living a sober and healthy lifestyle. The recovery center has a dedicated staff and are the boots on the ground in the fight against addiction.

Our clients come to Re-Entry Point and we help them get their lives stabilized. We also assist them in identifying occupational interests, finding a job, or even preparing for higher education as non-traditional college students.


Have a look at our calendar of events. Apart from closed meetings, stop by any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The American Medical Association defined addiction as a disease in the 1950s and it is often a "self-diagnosed" disease. AA General Services offers a twelve question survey that you can take anonymously that many of us found to be helpful. It is often said that if you have to ask that question then it is something you should seriously consider. If you are thinking about this we encourage you to call us or visit, reach out to the AA Call Serivce, or contact a treatment organization.
AA General Services in Louisville maintains a 24 hour service at 502-582-1849. They will gladly receive your call.
Louisville Recovery serves addicts, alcoholics, and their families by providing support and resources for those in recovery. We are not a treatment center. If you have a medical emergency call 911 and seek immediate medical attention.
Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of twelve step programs. All are welcome to attend and identify only by their first name. No one attending meetings or utilizing the center will tell anyone else that you attended a meeting. This is strictly followed, after all, everyone there is there for the same reason.
That is a possibility. Of course, they are there for the same reason you are, and have the same interest in anonymity. People who attend meetings are recovering alcoholics and addicts, and they previously associated with others like them. You may also see someone who you did not know was in recovery for a long time. Generally we find it much better to be with each other in a clean and sover environment than in a using environment.
We do not have Al-Anon, Narc-Anon or Gam-Anon meetings at this time.
Louisville Recovery offers a full calendar of twelve step meetings including AA, NA, CA, GA. For those in sobriety we provide educational counseling and employment services, and can assist you in transportation to work obtained through us as well. If you are living in sobriety and need assistance, please come by our Center and we will see how we can help you. We can also connect you to Meetings on Wheels for those who are home bound.
The weekly meeting schedule can be found at LouisvilleRecovery.com
Consistent with AA and NA traditions, meetings are listed as Open (O) or Closed (C) on the schedule. As a rule, meetings at the center are open unless there is a specific reason to be closed.
The Twelve Traditions (adopted in various forms by AA, NA, GA, and others) specifically says "the only requirement is a desire to quit the addiction." There will be not litmus test but there is an exception that one has a sincere desire.
Treating those who are currently using drugs and alcohol requires specific training and resources, and often times, medical intervention. If you are seeking a life of sobriety, give yourself the best possible chance for good outcomes and work with the professionals in treatment. We will support your work in Recovery following and sometimes during that treatment.
Absolutely. While we do not offer treatment, we have relationships with several treatment organizations that focus on recovery and sometimes specifically on certain needs such as pregnant addicts. Each organization has its strengths and focus.
Anyone wishing to make a contribution can do so by clicking the donate link found below.
We are not an agency of government. We have strong relationships with several governmental agencies and several for-profit and non-profit entities.
Typically, we think of treatment as an early intervention, sometimes residential, that is designed to remove the alcoholic/addict from their using environment and help them understand their disease. We think of recovery as a process of remaining clean and sover for the rest of your life. The only thing that matters is that you do not drink or use drugs today!
We strongly advise to call 911 in emergency situations. If you are seeking emergency treatment for yourself or a family member go to the ER at the nearest hospital or clinic. We will be available after your medical emergency is treated.

Saving Lives One Day At A Time

Help us carry on the legacy of Micheal T. White.


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Emergency Contacts

If there is an emergency or you are seeking treatment:

  • A.A 24/7 - 502-582-1849
  • Ladies of Promise - 502-384-5807
  • Our Father's Place - 502-775-0033
  • Healing Place (Men) - 502-585-4848
  • Healing Place (Women) - 502-568-6680
  • Family Health Center - 502-774-8631

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